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New User - simple page - legacy generates file new v2.0 doesnt


I have just downloaded the Bubble Page to PDF converter and testing this on a simple page. The page has a group with 1 text box and 1 image.

When I create an action for legacy (activated by pressing on a button) it generates a report however when I try this with the later 2.0 version - nothing is generated. When I try and step through the code it shows the action is being called but nothing is generated.

Using default settings so printing the whole page as just want to make sure I have the basics working before doing anything else.

Anyone got any ideas?


Any ideas @zeroqode or anyone else. I want to start designing the report but I want to do this in the new version not the legacy one. I tried removing and readding the two methods and again the legacy worked but the new version did not.

EDIT. I think this is because the Auto Save PDF was not selected - that make sense?

Hello, @paul4. Please accept my apologies for such a delayed reply.

Yup, you are correct. If you left the “Autosave PDF” checkbox unchecked - the automatic download won’t start.

Besides, you can use our demo page as a workflow/setup example:

I hope it helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.
Take care :pray: