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Newbie question: setting admin password for Catalog template


Hi guys,

Newbie question here. I just installed the Catalog template but am not sure how to set up the admin user. Any tips on where to look?

Quick update, this fix doesn’t work because I can’t seem to locate the ‘is_admin’ function, or any other user permissions for that matter.

“To access the admin page, you should open your app in Bubble.is ->; go to Data section ->; App Data ->; Create a New Database Entry, type of thing “User” ->; enter data for your admin account and set the is_admin to yes.”


Hello @hansdekk,

The catalog template doesn’t have the functionality of admin and there is no such a field for users as “admin_is”. This template was developed for the purposes of presenting the design and have very limited functionalities. At the same time if you need an admin page you can add it as the template is fully customizable.

Best Regards,