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On Demand App like Uber or Postmates - struggling with conditional


I am new to Zeroqode and Bubble. I am trying to change what the group displays based on whether the driver is assigned or not . It is not working. I am not sure where I have gone wrong. I looks like the app does not see that the driver is assigned.



First of all, check if your groups conditionals are set up right: driver_selected should not be visible on page load, and when the driver isn’t empty - show on page. nodriver_selected should be visible when the driver is empty.

What about the app can’t see if the driver is assigned - please check lesson 10 one more time and verify your app. If it still won’t be working - please share some more screenshots and timestamps of the lesson where you have questions.

Best of luck!

Thanks for your help.

Please screenshots

It is not visible on page load

The driver_not_selected conditional is set up correctly.

Below is where I have assigned the driver.