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Open Broadcaster Solution (OBS)


Would you have a plug in to upload and manage video in live on bubble like the OBS service does ?



Hello, @lossoanthony. Thanks for your question.

Unfortunately, we have not the plugin with the same functionality, as the OBS service. Apologies for such inconvenience :pray:

But we have two video plugins that can be interesting to you. Please take a look:

  1. File uploads + Video Capture plugin:
    This plugin allows to upload big video files from different sources and set a few kinds of video parameters.
    To test the plugin, please visit its Live Demo page.

  2. Agora Video Conferencing - Web RTC plugin:
    This plugin enables a video chat function (video streaming is going to be added in a future update).
    To test the plugin, please visit its Live Demo.
    Also, don’t miss to check the plugin’s documentation:

If there are any questions on these plugins or else, please let me know.