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Open s3 file in browser instead of download


I am using the latest version of your AWS uploader system plugin.

I noticed that when a file is uploaded through the File uploader element, in the metadata of each file Content-type (image/png, image/jpeg, application/pdf…) is correct. On the other hand, when using the file uploader no gui, the content-type always shows this type: application/octet-stream.

Could it be the same as in the other element?


Hello @pbenito ,
Thank you for contacting us.

We have tested our demo page, which you can visit here:, and have not found any issues related to the one you mentioned.

To help you troubleshoot, we suggest you compare your configuration with our default configuration. Our plugin demo editor page is available at the following link: Zeroqode-demo-22 | Bubble Editor.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask.


I’ve checked your demo page, and it happens the same. If you upload an image with the File Uploader GUI, once the file is uploaded, and you follow the link, the image is opened in the browser and you’re not force to download it.

Instead, if you use the File Uploader no GUI, once you follow the link provided after the upload, the browser force you to download the file, giving no option to see it in the browser.

What I was refering to the content-type, is in AWS bucket. If you go where the file is uploaded, and click on the file to see the details, you will find what I was telling you before


Hello @pbenito ,
Thank you for your quick reply.

We are sorry we misunderstood you.
We have passed this information to the development team, they will check it and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding!

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Hello @pbenito,
Hope you’ve had a great weekend.

I’m excited to share that we have effectively resolved the issue with the AWS Uploader plugin action and have updated it to version 1.153.0.

Could you kindly update the plugin within your app to this latest version and confirm whether everything is now operating smoothly? :blush:

Feel free to explore the plugin’s functionality on our demo page.

Your patience and cooperation throughout this process have been greatly appreciated.