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Opening Square from Webview app

I’ve got a web app we’ve been running in iOS 11.x that works great, and we’re attempting to get it into the app store by wrapping it in zeroqode’s Webview product. It’s a POS that uses Square to handle transactions, so at some point the user clicks “checkout” and fires this JS:

var url = “square-commerce-v1://payment/create?data=[DATA HERE]”;
window.location = url;

This works fine as an iOS home screen app, but fails when wrapped in Webview. What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry missed this message somehow
just asked the dev to check it out.


I will need little more info to help you. Can you send me the project so I can test on my Mac OS over private message.


Thanks, guys – I think we’ve got it sorted. I’ll post the solution once the project is wrapped up, in case it can help others.