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Paid Audio Plugin only one Size?

Hey Guys,

I am paying for the Audio Player Plugin.

It looks great on my mobile version at 320px, but on my larger 786px Tablet Canvas is it not visible or too small.

Can it be resized and why does it not appear?

Hi @timzafir ,
Please specify, that exactly is the issue, so we can have look into it. Also please send us the link to the application where you have placed the plugin, so we can check it.

From what I know at the moment, the plugin has dynamic size, which should mean, that you have missed some configuration in the app settings, but can tell more, only once I receive more details from you.

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You are correct. I had some scrappy audio files with the wrong codec.

Thanks Karel.

i have a similar problem, just subscribed for the Audio Player, and not the whole player is visible, it goes off the screen

Please share screenshots of plugin settings and the way it looks for you.
Which browser and OS are you using?