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Paint and Signature Pad Customization

Hi is it possible to not include certain buttons in the pad or to move the button locations relative to the pad? I would like to take out some buttons such as “upload” "and “Text box”, and I would like to move the buttons to the top of the pad (horizontally aligned with the pad), as right now they are on the left vertical side and I don’t like how it fits with my app design.

So this is current,

but what I want is:

But also, a way to take certain buttons out, like I dont want users to use upload or text box.

Hello @andisayhey

Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately the toolbar settings do not have options to customize it like changing the position or removing certain tools from it.
Thanks for understanding.


Hello @andisayhey

Thanks for your feedback and support. We’ve managed to add new features:

  • Added possibility to change the position of the toolbar (left or right)
  • Added option to choose which tool to set availability for toolbar

Check our demo setup : https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=paint___signature_pad&id=zeroqode-demo-06&tab=tabs-1

Please use the latest version of plugin, place the element on the page and refresh the application and give it a try!

Thanks. :pray: