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Paint & Signature Pad - New Plugin from Zeroqode

With this brand new graphic editor you can let your users draw their own pictures directly in a bubble application. Use different colors, brushes and other tools that will enable your users create their own graphic or sign a document.

Setting it up is simple. Simply place it on a page, enable the functions that you really need and let your users do the rest.

Existing images can be uploaded from desktop, or added by dragging from any page.
As a result plugin returns an image that be saved into database or downloaded to the user.

For details, screenshots and demos please visit Zeroqode Plugin Page.

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits


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Hi @levon - Love the Paint & Signature Pad from Zeroqode. Is there any way to completely disable the submenu and all of the buttons. I want to control all element actions with separate buttons.

If not, would you be interested/available to adjust the plugin. I am able to compensate you/your team for this work. Many thanks!


Hey Chris,
i’m afraid this is not yet supported and right now we won’t be able to do adjustments to the plugin.
Sorry for not being more helpful

Hi Levon - Thanks for your response. No problem - let me know if it’s ever a project you want to pursue.

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Hi @levon
I just bought this plugin - and am not able to save the image from the paint pad to the database. I tried the exact same thing as in the example - but it still does not work. It looks like the example is with a test plugin and not the production.

Also - it is not clear what happens when you do a “Get image Paint&SignaturePadA”.
I would like to store this image as part of custom data type that I have created - and could not find a way to access the image. I need the actual image and not the URL.

Could you please help?

Hello @ramkhi

Both (Testing) and “production” which is the Commercial versions are the same. No difference in code.

The saving is done by using the Paint and Signature’s output is ready event which will get you a image type result for you to save into database.
The Get Image Paint and SignaturePad action works to save the output result while the upload to server is checked.

The state Output Image URL is an actual image, though this may seem confusing I understand.

Please do check the demo setup - https://bubble.is/page?version=test&type=page&name=paint___signature_pad&id=zeroqode-demo-06&tab=tabs-1


Thank you @Dumitru. It is now working after adding the Output is ready event.


Hi @levon , two questions about this plugin I purchased a couple of days ago, it’spossible to load an image in the canvas with a workflow? I tried to use some elements i found to use with workflow but the app start to crash and I have to close the tab all together. Also, when I drag an image to the canvas to draw on top ,automatically the image gets the dimensions, proportions of the canvas and loose it’s aspect ratio, so it looks distorted, its there a way to use the image with its ratio or dynamically adjust the canvas to tje proportion of the image?


Hey there @caeroa, could you please add [email protected] to collaborators of your app with edit mode allowed, and pinpoint the issue which you faced(Step by step from the index page).
That will be the most efficient way to solve this.

Thank you,

Hello there @caeroa , sorry for delayed response, but I don’t have access to your app now - proofs, please add again [email protected] to collaborators for your application.
And then please pinpoint the issue page, how I should access it.

Thank you,

Hey @Nikita.S I really don’t feel confortable giving someone accesto my app.

I am trying to work around my issues, the workflow to load the image is still not working, I am doing it dragging the image onto the canvas , and found that there is a option to keep the aspec ratio, proportion, of the images, so I need to fo the canvas square because some of tbe images I use are vertical others are horizontal. Now my problem is the vertical images, height bigger than width, are not showing when drag them onto the canvas. I will make s little video tonight and se d it to you.

Also, is there a way, could be with css or js to alter the dimension and color of the default font ?


@Nikita.S , please watch the following video, as you can see the vertical and square images do not show when dragged if the Paint&Signaturepad “Keep Proportions” option is checked, then if is unchecked all the images load but the proportion is incorrect, which make the unusable. Please help me here.

video: https://youtu.be/Mf-gM4EeBkc

Thank you @caeroa, now is much clearer to understand your issue, our team will check it, and I will be back of a matter ASAP.

Thank you,

Thanks @Nikita.S

Could it be possible for your team also check the load image workflow element, when use, the app freezes and the chrome tab “or any other navigator” should be close. I would need to be able to load an image in the pad with a workflow instead of dragging.
Thanks again.

Hi @Nikita.S , in addition to my other request, could it be possible to have the option to save in JPG format instead of PNG? An image of 900px x 900px is about 800KB, that is too much.

Hey @Nikita.S sudenly I got this error and I haven’t been able to use the plugin anymore:

I just check the size of the image with the error and is a ~20 meg jpg file. I would need to use this kind of images in my project, is this going to be a problem? not all of the are going to be this big, but most of the will be, even a little bit bigger. :confused:

Hello there @caeroa, so on we have fixed the bug with keep proportion functionality, update the plugin till the latest version, and refresh the page, it should work fine.

Regarding the 20 MB images, I guess it’s kind a heavy photos, this will overload your app, and the loading speed will be slower than it may be if you will Minimize your pictures before uploading on your website.
I will analyze this kind of issue, but I really suggest you to minimize your images.

I will be back of a matter ASAP.

Thank you,

@caeroa, so on I have checked what happens with heavy images for Uploading, and I can’t reproduce this bug, everything works fine for me, I need screenshots of your settings of elements which you are using to upload the img, and Paint pad.

Thank you,

Thank you so much @Nikita.S , the vertical images work perfect now.

This week, once I get the chance, I will make a video with the big files problem I am having.

Any news on the load image workflow element and if is possible to save .jpg too?


Hello Carlos. @caeroa

Thanks for patience and feedback. We pushed an update for plugin, please update to latest version, place the element on page , refresh the app and give it a try.

  • Added the option to save the image in .jpg format.
    Improved workflow load image.


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