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Patreon Clone: Stripe account creation for sellers


Hey guys,

The patreon clone works great. I made some adjustments and I’m almost ready to launch but I have difficulties with the stripe account creation for sellers.

The user is redirected to stripe when clicking on “start project”. Is that the only way to create an account with Stripe? and why is the user not redirected to the app?


Is there any ways to keep the user on the platform (not forwarding to Stripe)?

Thx in advance!


Daniel, Stripe is FW users only if they need to be registered as sellers.

Unfortunately, that’s the only way (it’s same as FWding to Google\Facebook for authentication purposes - no way around it).

Good news is that if configured right, after the user provides all the requested info, Stripe should fw him back to where you left him in your app, so the whole process should be seamless for your users.

That’s configured in Redirect URI parameters.

Hope this helps!