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💸 Paypal Recurring Payments - New Plugin from Zeroqode


This plugin allows to use paypal for recurring payments and comes with actions like creating recurring plans, subscribing users to a plan or cancelling plans etc. It also comes with a set of paypal buttons that you can put on your page.

For details, screenshots and demos please visit the plugin page: at https://zeroqode.com/plugin/paypal-recurring-payments--elements-1546872674717x327115869489987600

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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In the pluging, there are two way to create Subscriptions. Should we only use the “NEW API” one ?

Also, as you can see above, we don’t have the action “Create a New Subscription” like in your demo :

Can it be restored/added please ?


Hello @nicolas

Yes, you’re right. Use the new API calls, the old ones are legacy which are no longer supported by Paypal but still available.

Both in Testing Demo and in Commercial versions of plugin there are same actions/calls available. Please be sure to use latest version of plugin.

See the action in the plugins section:

If still not available try, uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin again.


Thanks for your quick reply

Actually the one availaible in the store is not the same than the one you use :

Mine :

Same than the first of your demo page :

But we actually need this one :

@Dumitru Could you please turn API calls Create a Plan NEW API and Create a Subscription NEW API into Actions instead of Data Calls ?
With Data Call, we can’t use Result of and that’s make things more difficult to implement.

Hello @levon
Create a Plan NEW API and Create a Subscription NEW API are still data calls and not actions. It’s a one minute action in the plugin editor as you know.

Would you agree to move them so we can use “Result of” in workflows ?

like it is said in your doc :

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Hi Nicolas,
this is done,
please upgrade the plugin’s version and retry.

Thank you @levon.
Easier to use now

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Hi @Levon , thanks for this great plugin , I am working on a "Support me " feature ,it allows creators add their "PayPal " Email and supporters can donate or support their work . My Question is :
-I don’t want to take any fees from the transactions between supporters and creators. and we want creators to get their donation funds instantly .

  • What is the right workflow to implement this ? do i need to add my API "client ID …etc ) and if yes, the money will transact to my account or no? as i want the money to send directly from the supporters to creators? please advice
    Thanks again

Hello @ciscotreasure, our team working on it, when we will find solution we will update you of a matter ASAP.

Thank you,

Thanks @Nikita.S for the reply ,any update ?

Hello @ciscotreasure, so for making this features available you have to read the info on this page how to obtain commerce PayPal account, and yes you have to insert your Client ID, and Credentials, to read about how it could be figured out on your site you can check this page.

Thank you,

Thanks @Nikita.s for the support and information , but in this case the money transaction will recive to my PayPal account ! , i need the money sent directly from the supporters to creators directly .
i found this good service from Ko-fi and they do the same , please check the link for more details :

@ciscotreasure Unfortunately our plugin PayPal doesn’t provide same feature, so on it’s impossible to Implement securely transactions like this.

hi @ciscotreasure
I am looking to achieve this as well. Allow users to get funds from supporters, as well as other payment/ marketplace features.
About your question on how to allow people to get the money directly… I was thinking that maybe asking the users for their paypal account (email) and possible the ID or other verification info, and then making this dynamic data the values on the fields when setting the recipient for the payment/transaction. It’s just an idea, I don’t know if it’s possible at all, as I haven’t used this plugin from @zeroqode

Btw, have you? how has been your experince if so? Im looking to confirm its a good option to set this as payment gateway for the subscription recurring payment plan system.
If @nicolas was able to work it out and has used, your opinion would also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance to all for your help!

Hi Juan , i hope you are doing great ,Unfortunately i paused this feature in my project ! your suggestion is a good idea , i think it is similar to other services where you ask people for a permission to connect their social media accounts such as "Pinterest , Buffer…etc " , you may need to add API connector and know some skills to avoid any unsecure issues .

There is another unprofessional idea to make this feature such as let the supporters send you the money directly to your paypal account and add a notification for the creators that some one donate money for them , and at specific day at month you can send the money for them from your paypal account , but the challenge here is avoiding the transaction commission fees ,but you can make your users aware about transaction paypal commission.

  • The plugin in general is a good one and you can subscribe and test it , It is only 5 $ a month .
    Hopefully other support can help you more

Hi @nicolas,

We are developing recurring payment to our client using the PayPal Recurring Payments Plugin. We are getting the following error when we use the “PayPal Payments - Create a Plan” action.

The service this service just returned an error (HTTP 401). Please contact the plugin author directly for feedback. Raw error:

{"error":"invalid_client","error_description":"Client Authentication failed"}

Screen Shot 2020-10-02 at 12.11.52 PM

We also tried the other workflow

Please note, We have followed your documentation and used the PayPal Credential Creator to create the token. We even tried to use your demo plugin credentials for validation and we got the same error.

What is the best way to solve this issue?

Hi @salama,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry for delayed response. I’m afraid this error is not reproducing on our side, but the reason it is appearing is the Test/Live mode. Could you please go through our docs one more time just to make sure everything is configured properly with all steps, then give it a try again.

Also, please do use your own API keys so you’ll be able to monitor your dashboard with data.


I have reviewed the docs. Does it mean I have to use my Live Client ID and Secret, not the sandbox?

Thanks @salama for feedback.

Sorry for any misunderstanding. If you are just testing your application at this stage and playing with sandbox, then simply toggle the sandbox mode in your Paypal dashboard and use the test API keys in your Plugins tab for both live and dev version of the app, and when you are ready to go Live, you’ll just have to switch to Live mode in your Paypal and replace the API keys with live ones, for live version of your app. :pray:

Hope it helps.