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PayPal Subscriptions Plugin - few issues



I have ran into few issues using PayPal subs plugin:

  1. Your own demo throws error upon “Execute Agreement” (is this action even needed?)

    The service PayPal Payments (testing) - Execute Agreement just returned an error (HTTP 400). Please contact the plugin author directly for feedback. Raw error:

    {"name":"BUSINESS_VALIDATION_ERROR","details":[{"field":"validation_failure","issue":"Invalid Payment Token."}],"message":"Validation Error.","information_link":"https://developer.paypal.com/docs/api/payments.billing-agreements#errors","debug_id":"9dcbd7636e57d"}

  2. Action “PayPal Payments - Use PayPal Action Link” throws error This Plugin API call is not properly initalized, please contact the plugin author to report the problem. although the subscription gets activated and customer charged. Unfortunately, this action breaks the flow if there are other actions after it.

  3. Get an Agreement’s -> agreement_details -> last_payment_date returns a string that can not be formated as date in Bubble

Any help appreciated, thanks


Hello @petrasmiega

Thanks for reaching out!

We’ll take a look and be back to you with an update on the matter, asap
Thanks for understanding.


Hello @petrasmiega

Thanks for patience!

We’ve checked the demo and plugin, there was an issue with handling the workflow actions.
Please be sure to check and use the NEW API workflow actions in order to get the result!
As for date which is returned from Paypal which can not be formatted by default, however it can be converted using a string to date JS script or via Regex.

Thanks for understanding.