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Paystack Payment Gateway incomplete?

Hello @levon

Thank you for this great plugin for Nigerians. But i have been having issues to get it to work properly as it would on other sites not built on bubble.

Is it because i am using the Paystack Private plugin?

is the Paystack Private working differently from the Paid Paystack plugin?

How can i make it to work when a user clicks on a “complete transaction” button, a paystack popup form comes up that accept credit card details from the user?

This i have not been able to achieve with the whole action calls in the workflow.

Thank you

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Hello @levon

find a screenshot of the expected popup of paystack when a button is clicked on the app.


Please kindly respond. Its been over 24 hours already

Hello, Tobi
sorry for delay
there is no difference between the private and commercial versions, they are identical.

we’ll try to setup a demo, but meanwhile you could also reach out to Paystack support (they are doing great job and provide quality assistance) - maybe they will guide you while you wait for us to try setting up the demo page.
Hope this helps

Hello @levon

Thank you for the response. I’ll look forward to the demo. I’ll like to purchase the commercial license for two of my bubble apps. The demo will really go a long way for me.

This is what is stopping me from completing my apps for release.

Kindly assist with the demo. I’ll really appreciate if it can be ready before Christmas so i can complete my apps before 2019.

Hello @tobiloba.adebola, thanks for reaching out.

Sorry for a little delay, we just finished first version of a demo and documentation,



We hope it helps you.

Regards, Zeroqode Team.

Thank you so much. @pavel @levon it was a lot of help.

but then, i realized the paystack private plugin in my app was not well initialized when i try to use the “paystack payment pages - create page” in the workflow. When i try to use the “open external website” with the result of step 1, the other options for the slug doesn’t open.

here is my editor https://bubble.is/page?type=page&name=pay&id=retrox&tab=tabs-2

Also how can i populate the payment page to fill the first name, last name and email address of a user already registered on the web app.

Thank you

Hi Tobi,
this is not really clear, can you provide more explanation or screenshots?

i’d suggest to reach out to Paystack support and ask them if it’s possible, and if it is ask them for links to the documentation and we’ll try to implement that


Hi Tobi @tobiloba.adebola and @levon . Were you guys able to get all the problems fixed. Cause i might be getting the paystack plugin soon and i need to know it works properly :pray:

Hello @dodediran

Sorry for late reply, seems like it slipped through. :pray:

You can check the plugin page for Live Demo and documentation - https://zeroqode.com/plugin/paystack-1515481385613x998072598694723600 . The plugin works as is and you can test it here: https://zeroqode-demo-13.bubbleapps.io/paystack_plugin

Hope this helps. :pray:

If you encounter any issues with it, you can post your request on the forum and we’ll gladly provide support.