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Paystack plugin issue

Hello ,
I bought the Paystack plugin expecting to be able to use it to enable Paystack payments WITHIN the app I’m building.

However, the documentation is not enough to help me understand how to achieve this within the app using the plugin. I can get Paystack payments done via link to external site without using the plugin.

Please help me understand if I can use the plugin to enable payment within the app in a more elegant fashion than I have been able to do without it.

Second issue:
I deleted the original app I was building where I’d installed the plugin because I bought a zeroqode template. Now I don’t seem able to access the same plugin without buying it again.

Please help.


Hello there @stiyke1000, the Paystack plugin is very flexible, it not only creates the page but doing a lot of different calls for making your payment flow as good as you wish.

You are able to check all the calls in the plugins tab in your application, there are more than 70 calls which Get, Post, Update and Delete the data, and I guess you will find all you need in this plugin for your application. For suggesting you the way of using it I have to understand the flow which you want to implement for making payments more elegant fashion.

Regarding your second issue, we are not able to help you cause the payment is on the Bubble platform side, and all the plugins which are paid once are only for the one application, you can’t use it without buying it again for your current app.

Thank you,