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Paystack - security information and functionality


Hi All,

I require more detailed information on this plug in, do you have any more documentation?

I require more detail on what it actually does and what financial data does it store and what security is in place.

There are no reviews and this is the only post I have found on the forum asking about it. Is it a new product?




Hello Rachel,
We have built this plugin based on Paystack’s documentation, we have implemented all the calls which are available, so you can simply refer to this resource https://developers.paystack.co/ to get all the required details. Also Paystack’s support is very responsive and will be glad to help you out with any questions that you might have. thanks!


First of all it is amazing that you have responded so quickly. So thanks.

ok, so you product just create the API calls and all the data is held with Paystack? How long is the sale on for - i need to get my calendar sorted first before I do this.


yes, this is correct

it will be around for a while, no rush :slight_smile: