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Pb Stripe - Fundstarter Crowdfunding Platform Template

Hello, i have a problem to integrate stripe with the Fundstarter Crowdfunding Platform Template.
I have an issue message. Once you do enter the correct credentials, you will encounter this problem. It says you currently don’t have a “plan” (No such plan: medium_m) set up in your Stripe account. What the expected set up you need to do on your Stripe account to run the template smoothly.


Thank you for your help.

Hi @flemarchand,

Thanks for reaching out. Without knowing more about your workflow, I can give a hint that might help. Please check template’s documentation here https://docs.zeroqode.com/templates/fundstarter-crowdfunding-like-indiegogo-template where you can also find instructions for Stripe Payments. Make sure everything has been configured properly, especially pay attention to use test API keys for version-test of your app, and when you go live then use live API keys.
Based on provided screenshot, the error means that it is required to create subscription plans under your Stripe account that would correspond to the subscription plans in the workflows. Again, it is necessary to do for both test and live versions for Stripe account. Then give it a try again.

Hope it helps.


Thank you Alexandru. I will test it.