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PDF Converter Bubble Page - Formatting Problem


I’m having some issues with the PDF converter in Bubble. It’s getting a little serious.

For me, it is working file. For others, they’re having some formatting issues.

I’m using Chrome on a Mac and have no issues. Chrome on PC is producing the image below.

Currently it works by opening a popup, converting the popup to the PDF, downloading it, then closing the popup.

Any suggestions would be great.


Hello, @cairngormstudios. Thanks for reaching out.

I suppose, when you’re talking about some issues, are you referring specifically to the black background in the converted popup on this screenshot?

If yes, I can suggest you to verify if you have set correctly the Target Format values of your Convert to PDF action. If your popup size differs (is smaller) that the Target/Custom format you’ve set, you can get some issues with the converted element.

One more suggestion, to press the “convert to PDF” button when the page position is top. When you press the “convert” button, the plugin makes a “screenshot” of your page/popup. And when you have scrolled the page/popup to the top and pressed “convert” - you should not see the black screen issue.

Also, I would like to ask you to share more information on your problem. Can you please send screenshots of your Convert to PDF action (full details) and the screenshot of the popup element properties (width/height)? This can help to fund the solution for your case.

I have tried to recreate your case on this test page. Please take a look at my popup/convert to PDF action properties as on the workable example. I suppose it can be useful:

We have tested this page on macOS and Windows devices - converts fine.

Hope to hear from you soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much for your reply.
The object to convert is in a popup, so scrolling should not be an issue. It’s also converting and downloading as soon as the popup is opened too.

The dimensions of the element it’s converting is 1021 x 1364. Below is a screenshot of the actions. Any ideas would be amazing. Thanks!


I can recommend you to set the Convert to PDF action properties to this - https://prnt.sc/tyd2od (if you want to convert the whole popup that appears on the page)

Please take a look at my test page (blue button “SHOW POPUP” to see that I’ve recreated your case (popup size = 1024x1366 px) and the converted document to not contain any black areas:

Anyways, please pay your attention to the position of your popup on the page. If you scroll it down, occasionally, you’ll get the “cut” pdf file with the black areas.

Hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face: