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PDF converter bug - SOLVED

Struggling to get the page to PDF converter to work - when I run it (from page load), it generates a pdf which does not contain the contents of a repeating group on the page (images and text).

Find screencap here: PDF Generator bug - YouTube

Would appreciate any advice.



I also had this problem these past couple of days.
Trying to get invoices out and they are produced totally scrambled and incoherent.
I updated to version 1.6.6. but it didn’t help, still getting scrambled PDFs.

This is hurting the business, please help us ASAP so we won’t need to change plugin provider, it used to work great until a month or two ago.


I solved the issue: I needed a pause action to allow the elements to load on the page before the PDF was generated!

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Where did you put a pause action and how? can you post a picture of the workflow?
I have the page fully loaded for more than a minute, and still doesn’t work well…


@thrillho, I’m glad you’ve found a solution.  In case there will be any other plugin-related questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I will be glad to help. :pray:t2:

@Bittas_Magic, thanks for reaching out. :pray:t2:

The most probable reason is that the plugin starts working too early. This means that the plugin does not have enough time to convert some content depending on the data. That’s why I would like to suggest you use the “schedule a custom event” action.

If the issue still persists, would it be convenient for you to share more details about what issue you’ve encountered?

Namely, screenshots and screencast of your setup, the issue you see, for the screencast recording, I can suggest using the Loom tool.

Looking forward to your reply.