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PDF Converter Issue - Different output files between AWS output URL / Autosave

I am facing a problem using the plugin PDF converter.

I have 2 workflow events on my page.

The first one “when page is loaded” which uploads the PDF to AWS, the second one which occurs when the user clicks on the “export to pdf” button, which saves the file to his computer.

The problem:

The two files are not the same…

The file obtained via the upload on AWS has a lot of missing fields, unlike the one via autosave which is complete. You can see the difference below:

Do you know where this difference could come from?

Thank you!

Hello, @bootstrapperideas
Thank you for reaching out. :slightly_smiling_face:

The most probable reason is that the plugin starts working too early for the AWS file. Therefore, I would like to suggest you add the “schedule a custom event” action on page load. Here is an example:

Please try my suggestion and let me know how it’s going. :pray:t2: