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Pdf converter missing images


I am using pdf converter and all is working well. I have up to 10 small images on each page along with some text. The first 6 pages work OK. After that images are missing. About one in 5 random photos appear. The rest do not show. One the source page all photos have loaded. Any suggestions?


@levon do you or your team have any suggestions for this. I have reduced the number of images on each page still to no avail. At the moment I can not release the version or my app with this plugin if it is not showing all the data.


Hi @gail

Could you please provide more details regarding your setup like screenshots/video, so we could check it.
Thanks for understanding.



@Dumitru thanks for getting back to me. The page is not one where a user needs to be logged in so here is a link to a test page

I have basically copied the layout etc from your demo page with the addition of a 2nd page when there is more than 10 photos or 2000 characters in the text. All that works great. On page load the workflow is exactly the same as the demo.

The page loads correctly and all photos show so the page setup on the groups and repeating groups is good. It is the downloaded pdf file that is not showing the photos. The first 8 pages of the pfd are good. From page 9 of the pdf things are missing. For example this is the page

but this is the downloaded pdf

Here are some screenshots of the repeating groups etc

But as I said I know all this is good as the page loads OK.

Let me know if you need more screenshots.