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Pdf converter plugin page separate to recod in repeating group

I would like to set the PDF page separately for each record in the repeating group. Is it possible to set it?

Hi @kouno, thanks for reaching out.

Yes, this is possible. Allow me to mention that the result might not be ideal, as the page breaking feature is in Beta version now, and might work unstable within the RG.

A possible solution would be just to use pagebreaker IDs.

Hope it helps. In case any other plugin-related questions will appear, please let me know.

Hi Serg, thanks for reply.

I tried pagebreaker IDs
, but there was a problem (setting error?)

The id is set to report as the structure of repeating group, and the unique id is set for each record in group.

If you output PDF with this setting, you will get an error that id cannot be found in css selecter.

It was said that it was unstable, so it seems difficult to separate pages.

Hi @kouno, thanks for the provided screenshots.
Allow us to analyze them internally and provide feedback asap.

Thank you for understanding.

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Hi @kouno, thank you for your patience.
Considering the provided information and use case, I would like to share the following feedback:

Unfortunately, this feature being in the Beta version now doesn’t work properly with the repeating groups. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The developer team is checking how feasible would be to adjust this feature to the Bubble new responsive engine.

Sorry for not being helpful too much in this regard :pray:. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can help with about our plugin

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Hi @Serg . Thank you for reply.
The error is occurring in the old editor, not the new editor.

I hope it will be fixed and work in the future.

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Hi @kouno, thanks for your reply.
Would it be convenient to add a few more details related to the editor (new/old)? Do you mean version of the Bubble editor or the plugin version?

Looking forward to your reply.

Hi @Serg , thanks for reply.

The meaning of new/old was Bubble editor(new responsive).
The plugin version uses 1.57.0.

please check.

Hi @kouno, thanks for providing details.

This is noted.

Please note that the above-mentioned error is caused by the incorrect data type of pagebreak values (user unique ids), and due to that, it will not work both on new and old Bubble responsive engines.

Please reconsider the pagebreak setup, in order to have expression that will return only “text” data type values.

Hope it helps.