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PDF Converter plugin - problem

Hi, I have problem with PDF converter. After submiting workflow page is runnig, then message Error parsing data from apiconnector2:accepted is shown. For succesful pdf creation its needed to click ok. This solution isnt user friendly. Do you have any idea how to solve this?

Thank you

Hello, @vit.lovy. Thanks for reaching out.

Can you please share the screenshots of your workflow and errors in debugger/console? This might help me understand what has caused your issue. (Due to the name of the error you receive, I presume you have some specific API calls in your API Connector plugin?)

I have tested your case - the issue you’re describing can’t be reproduced on my side (plugin action is set for the event “When the page is loaded”):

Please provide a bit more details to help us investigate your case :pray:

Hi Kate,
printscreen is here:

Thank you for your help.

another printscreen


Thanks a lot for the screenshots.

As I can see from your first screenshot, the Convert to PDF action is set for the event When Button is clicked, instead of When a page is loaded. Have you changed the workflow? Or does the error message appear in this case too?

I’d like to ask you to describe a bit more your issue and the process of reproducing it. Please add the step-by-step description of how we can reproduce your problem and the screenshots of the error you receive.

To preview your error via the Debugger, you need to add the " ?debug_mode=true" to the end of your page URL. To view the console errors, you need to open your browser console (ctrl+shift+i for windows) and choose the Console. Make a screenshot of the Console after the problematic action is completed.

The detailed description of your case will help us to understand it’s a root cause and assist you to fix it. (As long as this issue is not reproducing on our side)/

Thank you for understanding.

Hi tried to capture it.

And the workflow was always set by click the button.

Error message: Element ConverttoPDF A - Error parsing data from Apiconnector2: Accepted
{code: “1595256268982x619251935125512300”, server_generated: true, event: t, element_instance: e, log: Array(3)}


I presume you get an error “Element ConverttoPDF A - Error parsing data from Apiconnector2: Accepted” after you trigger the event “When a button is clicked > Convert page to PDF”.

Your page contains 2 Signature Pad elements and, as I understood, you’d like to convert the page into PDF that will contain those signature pad elements visible in your PDF file. Is it correct?

As per the fact I did not see the way how you receive this error and I can’t reproduce it on my side, the firs most probable reason of the error is incorrect data, sent by API Connector.

You can add our [email protected] email as a collaborator of your app (go to Editor > Settings > Collaboration > Invite a user (email) - you can add support email as a collaborator even if your subscription plan is a Hobby).

Once you provide the access to your application, indicate the page where you’ve faced this error and a step-by-step guide how can I reproduce your issue - we will be able to investigate your problem and help you to resolve it.

Thank you for understanding :slightly_smiling_face:

@kate Hi acces granted :slight_smile:
page: servisprotokol_ten2020_2



Thank you for providing access to your app :pray:

But, unfortunately, I can not view the servisprotokol_ten2020_2 page content because of this condition - https://prnt.sc/tlwsma

There is no way I can signup/login to your app, that’s why I wanted to create a test page to test the plugin work within it or, at least, to remove the blocking condition. But, you gave the View-only rights to our support account.

I understand that you may don’t want me to edit some parts of your app. Thus, please provide a support account with the Edit rights (I will create a separate test page - this variant is a bit more convenient to me for the investigation purposes) or make it possible to user who’s not logged in to view and manipulate with the servisprotokol_ten2020_2 page.

Thank you.

@kate now you have full acces does it help?


Yes, thanks a lot. It helped me to find the root cause of your trouble.

As it is shown in the Error header, the error causing thing is incorrect data parsing in API Connector:

To make sure that the error is caused not by the PDF plugin, you can simply delete the “Post to integromat” action and see that without it your app throws no error.

You can run your page with the debugger > step-by-step and see that the PDF plugin works well, it converts the page content and triggers the event “When Convert to PDF is finished” - in this event you have a problematic action, that uses the API Connector call.

I can suggest you verify if your API call is set correctly because the error message indicates that you’re parsing the wrong data.

I hope it helps :pray:

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Thx, @kate it helped. Didnt get why the two actions was connected but it helped :slight_smile:


I suppose, the connection was in the action “Post to integromat” was placed within the Event ConverttoPDF A upload to AWS :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyways, it is good that the issue is resolved now.