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PDF Converter - Print a list


I would like to print a page where there is a list.

My RG is set-up with a vertical scrolling layout with 4 rows and 3 columns and when the PDF is created it prints only cells on the first screen of the list (the first 12).

How can set it up so it scrolls all cells and print them all ?


Hi @adrien
Thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately, the current plugin functionality doesn’t provide such an option. Sorry about that. The plugin can’t print the content of repeating groups with a “vertical scrolling” layout.

However, I would like to suggest you 3 options that you can print all them all:

  1. You can change the layout style to “Full list”
  2. Change the style of RG, add columns to see your whole list on the page,
  3. In case, if you wouldn’t like to display the whole list on the page, you can create a popup, display your entire list of the RG in this popup, and add a button to navigate from the main page.

So, you can print the entire list with one of these suggestions. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope it helps!
Best regards,


Thanks for your reply.

If I set it up as a full list, is there a way to insert a page break every X rows ? Every row has the same width and height.

For example, every 4 rows.

Thanks in advance

Hello @Adrien,
Please accept our sincere apologies for the late reply and thanks for your question.

You can try adding an ID to a cell or use a shape element and assign an ID to it. And place it inside the repeating group to indicate its ID in the page breaker field.

However, the page breaker is in beta, so we can’t guarantee it will work properly I’m afraid. Please try as I mentioned above and let me know how it’s going.

Hope it helps. :pray:t2:
Best, Gulce.

Hello @gulce.besel ,

I have tried many things but none of them really work as I wish.

My best option would be to add an ID attribute based on an conditionnal but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work.

For example, I have a number for each cell so I added a condition when cell number is X add an ID attribute.

My condition is working and I can see the ID Attribute

Is it something not supported by your plugin ? Or it should work ?

Hi @Adrien

I’m sorry to hear about your negative experience and I’m trying to do my best to help you resolve this issue.

I’m afraid it’s not the best option to add a dynamic ID to the cell, since the plugin may not understand the required step in this way. It was possible in some cases that assigning a static ID to the repeating group’s cell to be a page breaking point but, as I have said, it is not a stable feature, unfortunately.

If none of the variants are workable for you, I would recommend you to change the layout style to “Full list”.

We hope Bubble releases soon a new responsive engine for plugins so we can re-investigate and improve the page breaker functionality.


Hello @gulce.besel

Thanks for your reply.

I set it up as full list but even with this layout I don’t see how can I add an ID to specific cells without condition.

Without a page break feature rows are cutting randomly which means a row can be cut in third, half, two third… and doesn’t look professional for my users.

I understand that with the new responsive engine you cannot do much at the moment but if you think of a solution please let me know

Thanks in advance

Hello @Adrien
Thank you for your understanding.

I totally understand the inconvenience this has caused you, really sorry about that. We will definitely let you know when we can improve the page breaker functionality.

Apologies for not being able to help and please let me know if meanwhile, I can help with anything else about the plugin.

Best wishes,

Hello @gulce.besel

Following our previous conversation, any chance your work on the responsive engine for this plugin ?

Thanks in advance

Hello @Adrien,
Thanks for reaching out. Hope you’re doing well.

Unfortunately, the plugin editor is not yet compatible with the New Responsive Engine. The bubble has confirmed that a new plugin editor engine is under development and has top priority. We will migrate all of our plugins to the New Responsive Engine as soon as we have a chance to have them work properly on it. Here is the announcement from Bubble: Plugin Editor & New Responsive Engine [beta] 6 (the editor is still in beta)

We all know how important it is for a plugin to work properly, and do understand your feelings. So please be patient with us.

In case any news will become available in this regard, I will let you know.