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PDF converter way too long


Hi @levon and everyone,

I’ve subscribed to the Page to PDF converter plugin but it is incredibly long to do its job:

I’ve set a minimal converter with default configuration and it takes more than 25 seconds to display the download popup! And it’s not better with Compression: Fast.

Link to test: https://lito-app.bubbleapps.io/version-test/xxx_export
Screenshot: image
PDF obtained after 28s: https://gofile.io/?c=kLQT2p

How could I solve this?

Thanks in advance


Hello @noel.vignacq,

Could you please add [email protected] as the contributor to your app? This will help to find out the cause of the issue. We spotted errors in the app shared by you and assume that the problem may appear because something is not set correctly.

Thank you in advance!


Hello @alex.grimacovschi,

It’s done, you can access to the app now.


Hi, @noel.vignacq

Thank you very much for access to your app. We spotted the bug. The button has a gradient on it and because of that, the plugin is trying to convert the button also. This leads to errors and long processing time. Please try to use a button style without gradient. Meanwhile, we will fix this bug in order to allow users to use gradient on buttons. I will let you know when the bug will be fixed.

Best regards,


Thanks for the news @alex.grimacovschi!

The final page I would print is here: https://lito-app.bubbleapps.io/version-test/export

And I have a similar problem, I have to delete every SVG files before printing.
You can try it, I named all concerned elements with “SVG” at the end.

How long would it take to solve these bugs?

Best regards,


Hi @noel.vignacq,

Thank you for the additional examples. We will do our best to fix the bug in the short run. We estimate by the end of this week the solution to be ready.

Best regards,


Thank you, let me know when it will be done.


Hello @noel.vignacq,

We fixed the bug with SVG files. Now you can update the plugin and it should work correctly.

Best regards,


Hello @alex.grimacovschi

Thanks a lot for your help, it works perfectly now.