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PDF generator plugin's pagebreaker inserting extra blank page

I’m using the Bubble to PDF plugin and trying to split a title page off of the rest of the report and when I use the pagebreaker it’s adding an additional blank page. Is there something I should do that will prevent this?

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Hi Richard,
we have 2 demo pages that show how to use the plugin, did you check them out?
you can find all the details here: https://zeroqode.com/plugin/bubble-page-to-pdf-converter-1528878356625x811358995289735200

Hi Levon,

I have the same issue. When I simply insert the page breaker it adds a whole blank page as well as the page break. I’ve looked at the documentation and those test pages and can’t see anything that helps with this.


I am currently having the same problem. I had the converter working and now I have started adding more pages and they all have extra pages attached. Any ideas for a quick fix? I tried to copy and paste from the working pages so I’m confused

Hello, @compe.0417.

If you are using a pagebreaker element, then I presume you are using an old plugin element and version?

The issue you’ve faced may occur because of the small pixel incompatibility in the resulting PDF page parameters with your actual page’s parameters. Here I mean you can place the pagebreaker element a bit lower (a few pixels more) than you have indicated in the Format/Custom format fields.

Here is an example, what do I mean. You have a page with w/h 800x2200 (portrait) and I have indicated in the Format field (in the ConvertortoPDF’s action) A4 format and placed the pagebreaker ID lower than A4 format counts its height in pixels - the plugin will add a blank page.

Here I recommend carefully calculate the group’s w/h and the position of the pagebreaker element on the page, alongside the precise Format (Custom Format) indication - use the Custom Format and type the desired w/h for the resulting PDF page.

Hope it helps.