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PDF Generator problem

Hello! i bought this plugin today. i added to “convertpdf” action to “Generate & Download”
button. when i click it, bubble show this message. i dont understand what s problem :((
anyone can help?

Hello, @orcunhalilkaya. Thanks for reaching out.

Can you please share the screenshot of your ConverttoPDF action setup?

Regards, Kate

Hello @kate

now i look elements menu. and there is just “Convert to Pdf V2.0” there is not “Convert to PDF”


Okay, got it. Thanks a lot. Our dev team will investigate this error and try to fix it asap. It might take some time, so can you please use the old plugin element for now (new one is called Convert to PDF V2.0, the old one is Convert to PDF)?

I will let you know once the new plugin element will be fixed :pray:
Regards, Kate

“the old one is Convert to PDF” is not visible on Elements. i ve only V2.0. I m waiting your fixes. Thank you.

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Hello, @orcunhalilkaya.

Can you please upgrade your Page to PDF plugin to the latest version (1.32.0 - minor fixes), and check if this bug has disappeared on your end also? We have made an update with minor changes that should fix this bug.

Please check and inform me.

Regards, Kate

problem solved. thank you Kate

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Great! I’m happy to know this :slightly_smiling_face:
In a case, if you will have more questions on the plugin - please let me know.

Also, if you’d like to rate a plugin one day, please do not hesitate and hit to it as many stars as it deserves :smile: You can do this in the editor > Plugins tab > Bubble Page to PDF converter plugin.

Have a good time!
Regards, Kate