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Percentage progress bar not working correctly

I am using template for fundraising and there are percentage progress bars already created. They don’t work though, they either show what looks like a random percentage raised, or as currently is the case, everywhere the same percentage, no matter what amount has been risen and what the total being raised is. Could you let me know what’s wrong? I haven’t changed anything and it seems to be pointing towards correct data to work with.
Thank you, Sasha

Hello Sasha (@lionique),

Could you please check once again if the settings correspond with the demo. The error may be caused by

  • Error in the setting of the progress bar
  • The data source of the parent group is not setted

The workability of the progress bar was double-checked and the element works ok. Most probably the error was caused by changes on your side. Maybe something was modified accidentally. Anyway if checking the abovementioned will not help please add [email protected] as contributors to your app and we will check it.

Best regards,

Hi, there is no error. It just doesn’t show the correct percentage, and I’m not sure the template does either as there is a fundraise for £1M and contributed is £4.5K and it shows almost quarter of the bar filled. See our page attached.

the code in the Progressbar is exactly the same as in your screenshot, I even double checked that the fields it is pulling in are correct.
As you can see they are all about 55%. Whilst the top ones should be cca 17% and 14% and the bottom one 33%

Ok, then could you please add [email protected] as contributors to your app? It will help us to find out the causes of the issue. In order to do that you will need to open Setting/Collaboration and add the [email protected] in the field Invite a user.

Thank you in advance!

Best Regards,

Done. The app is saying though I need to upgrade to professional plan (I’m on personal) to add collaborators, so I’m not sure it went out to you.
Best, Sasha

Dear Sasha (@lionique)

Thank you for the access to your app. We inspected the issue and unfortunately was found that there is a bug with the progress bar element. As you can see this element is developed by the bubble (https://bubble.io/reference#Plugins.progressbar) and we cannot fix it. In terms of the logic designed in the template, everything is right and it’s not a template issue. What I can suggest now is to report the bug to Bubble. https://bubble.io/bug_report

We are sorry that you experienced this issue but we are unable to solve it. As an alternative to the bubble progress bar, you can check this plugin developed by us. https://zeroqode.com/plugin/progress-bars-pro-1525679578105x209627467402444800

Thank you for understanding.

Best Regards,