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Phone Number Input + Formatting : number with 07 are invalid

Hello, I work in France and I just saw a major problem with this plugin, phone numbers that start with 07 are marked as invalid when it shouldn’t be. 06 and 07 are used for mobile phones.


Hello @ni.delalande

Thanks for reaching out.

We’ll investigate the mentioned issue and I’ll let get back to you once I have any news.



We’ve investigated the issue, and found that the number you are trying to fill in does not exist. The number “07 12 31 31 31” is non-existent, but the “06 12 31 31 31” works without any issues. Please try to use valid numbers. We have also pushed an update, but it’s mostly related to the Austrian numbers as the new update uses a new library of phone numbers.

In case you have any other questions, or plugin-related issues just let me know.



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