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Phone number input. I have had some problems using it

I bouth the phone number input plugin last week. I have some questions because I have had some problems using it:

  1. I setup the option is required as yes, but even with this field empty I can save the rest of the info.
  2. I setup the default value with the database value, but when this field is empty, it shows me the last information. Even when I reset the inputs.
  3. I can not change the height of the plugin according to my design, it always get shorter.
  4. The automatic country detection does not work.
  5. An the most important I can not disable this input, to show as a “View” form, so the user can not modify it.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Hi @edwinbolanosb,

Thanks for reaching out.

Unfortunately, this checkbox has a different purpose. It actually asks whether the full number has to be typed, in order to be able to show the information details. If marked - it will display the phone number information only if the number has been correctly typed.

Could you please please provide more details: sharing screenshots and/or screencast of your app, workflows, plugin settings, the exact steps to reproduce the issue, the obtained results on preview, as well as browser and OS version you’re using to develop the app… This way, we can get a better understanding whether it’s a plugin related issue or not, then provide a working solution asap. Because we are not able to reproduce these issues on our side, unfortunately.

I’m afraid it cannot be that easy to style the plugin’s element, but it is still doable. First, you adjust the width of the input as you like, then you change the Font Size (px) to make it bigger, thus, it will automatically adjust its height.

Unfortunately, this plugin doesn’t implement the functionality to disable the input, but you can use a workaround with its 'Correctness state which evaluates to yes/no, and set an event condition so it will only save this value if the correctness is ‘yes’, for instance.

Please provide the mentioned details above, so we can troubleshoot it on our side and check whether it’s a plugin bug or not. If yes - we’ll fix them, or provide a working solution asap.

Thank you for understanding.


Dear Alexandru,
Thank you for your answer.

  1. Got it

  2. I understoot, but If I changed the font size it would not follow my UX design.

  3. The point is to avoid that some one edit this field.

Bellow the requested info for points 2 and 4.

  1. Screenshots.

  2. Plugin setting

  3. Browser. Chrome with avast antivirus. Avast secure browser.
    phone plugin 4

  4. Windows 10 Pro
    phone plugin 3


Hi @edwinbolanosb,

Thanks for this feedback. Unfortunately, I do not see what the problem is in regards to the country detection, but I think the possible reason can be the antivirus. When you mark the Automatic country detection checkbox, it will automatically detect and select the country for the input element with the appropriate one from the dropdown. But if the antivirus masks your online identity, I’m afraid it cannot recognize and detect your country.

Could you please provide more details on this one, because based on provided screenshot it is not clear what the issue is, or what you’re trying to accomplish, unfortunately.

I can understand, but I’m afraid it is not possible to accomplish with this plugin.

Thank you for understanding. :pray:

I will check how I can use other elements to implement the functionality I required.
Thank you.

Hi @edwinbolanosb,

Thanks for your feedback. I hope you find a workaround. However, we have fixed a couple of bugs with our plugin, as the border-radius was not working properly. You can update to the latest version, refresh your app and give it a try.

Hope it helps.

OK. Thank you Alexandru

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