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Plaid Plugin Integration Issue

I have installed the Wallety template. I registered for Plaid and have entered my API information. I have registered for Dwolla and entered key/secret and typed in sandbox for environment. I am still running in development mode on a personal subscription. I have been through all the documentation and now am asking the following question.

When I try to add the first bank account for a user with Plaid. Plaid gives me a success message but when the pop-up goes away there is an error message which states “Error Something went wrong. Please try again or contact support.”

Here is what the debger gives me…

This error on page open…

The plugin Dwolla ACH and Bank Payments is published under a commercial license and this app does not have a subscription. Please subscribe in the editor.

And this error which coincides with the Plaid pop-up closing…

Event Plaid A token has been created

The service Dwolla - Get Processor Token just returned an error (HTTP 400). Please contact the plugin author directly for feedback. Raw error: { "display_message": null, "error_code": "INVALID_ACCESS_TOKEN", "error_message": "could not find matching access token", "error_type": "INVALID_INPUT", "request_id": "dy425Scl24h4xWj", "suggested_action": null }

Any assistance would be most appreciated.

Update -

In the workflow, I changed the client ID and secret to my Plaid keys in Step 4: Dwolla - Get Processor Token. I still get the error pop up after the Plaid screen closes but I no longer get the second error in the debug console (The service Dwolla - Get Processor Token just returned an error (HTTP 400).

Issue solved by subscribing to the Dwolla plugin.

I am still unsure how to remove the “Wallety” text from the Plaid pop-up screens. Would appreciate assistance if anyone knows how to update that. Thanks

Hello there @brought, could you please provide us more details, like a screenshot, with the pop-up name as example.

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I solved this issue as well by going into the workflow and finding where the platform name needed to be changed.

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Perfect :slight_smile:

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