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*** please help *** twilio issue

Hi Guys,

Activating Twilio for text messages is not my issue however I have had a lot of trouble adding and activating Alphanumeric IDs to my texts. Does anyone know how to set up the API to include this feature?

Thanks in advance,


I am able to send text messages from my site to international mobiles, I am only concerned with Alphanumeric numbers.

Hello there, @ohranleu

Tell me please do you mean that one plugin?
And provide me with some screenshots of your setting of Input for Alphanumeric and the API call settings.

Thank you,

Hi @Nikita.S

Yes that’s the plugin I am having difficulty with. Below I have attached links to all the input variables however at this stage there is no connectivity with the Twilio messaging service for alphanumeric ID.
I am not sure how to input messaging services SID into the bubble Twilio API.


Hello there @ohranleu, Sorry for the delayed response, I have checked the functionality of our Plugin, but unfortunately you are not able to send the messages to the Alphanumeric numbers, you are allowed to use it as a sender ID number.

Thank you for reaching out,

thanks for the trroubleshoot @Nikita.S,

I am a little unsure what you mean by ‘sender ID’ number. Changing this ‘sender ID’ number will the recipients of my messages see the chosen name once the message propagates?

Yes @ohranleu, I mean that customers will receive your messages from number which you will choose, you can check all the necessary info here.

Thank you,


What I understand is it currently not possible to activate alphanumeric IDs with the zeroquode plugin [even though in the past it has been possible]

Is there anyway we can work toward a solution to this? I imagine for other businesses it would be a vital feature for the plugin

Hello there @ohranleu, did you registred the Alphanumeric Sender ID in Twilio? And tested it on your web app?

Could you please share with me access to your application, add [email protected] to collaborators for your application, and provide me your Alphanumeric ID which you registered, please.

Thank you,

Hey @Nikita.S,

I did, and I also just tested it through the Twilio app which had no issue sending the Alphanumeric ID. I have just invited the zeroquode email within my application aswell.

Thanks for the help! very much appreciated

Hello Oliver @ohranleu

Let me jump in here, however as my colleague stated there is no possibility to send to using the Alphanumeric numbers.
The plugin is a simple one call action used to send sms (text) messages from using E.164 formatted numbers. Here’s Twilio’s RESTful API call: https://www.twilio.com/docs/sms/send-messages#send-an-sms-with-twilios-api.
Believe there are some alternatives on the market which can be used, but not sure about the Alphanumeric feature.
Or maybe create the call using Bubble’s API Connector.
Sorry for not being helpful here.
Thanks for understanding.



Thanks for your help, I will have a look around. It just has been puzzling for me as about 1 year ago I was able to activate this feature using the zeroqode plugin.

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