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Please stop charging my credit card I've cancelled my account!

Please stop charging my credit card I’ve cancelled my account!
Please email me about this: [email protected]

Hello, @10after11
Thanks for reaching out.

We have checked your email [email protected] and we have no information about cancellation subscription. Currently, you have an MVP subscription plan on the ZQ Lab.
Please note that to cancel your subscription plan, you need to follow the instruction below:

  • Access Zeroqode lab page: https://lab.zeroqode.com/ ;

  • Log in using credentials for your account:

  • Go to Profile page from Header;

  • Click " Cancel Plan" in the profile and follow the instructions:


  • Now the cancellation process was scheduled according to your billing period, and it stays active until the end date. Please note that once the Plan was canceled you will remain an active user on the platform with a Free Plan to access it.

If any of the above steps cause difficulties, please let us know.

Hope it will help you.