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Plugin: Device Compass Plugin for Bubble

@rio you’re welcome :wink:

If any questions appears, you know where to find us :slightly_smiling_face:


I have been testing the compass with extended use.
I think it gets 90 degree clock-wised on Android device once in a while.
I am not very sure about how to reproduce the issue, but turning the device screen off might reproduce.
When this issue occurs, it is very persistent even when the page is reloaded to refresh.

Would you take a look into this to find the solution?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @rio, thanks for your message.
Let us check this moment internally and see what might be the reason for the appeared issue.
Once any news will appear, I will let you know.

Thank you for understanding


We’ve made a separate page “zeroqode_test” were added the correct request permission, so the plugin is working as it should, please use it for reference.
Kindly note that a possible influence on the plugin element display can have the custom JS code in HTML elements, which drops errors and the probability that the plugin element has been copied from our demo editor page.

Please let me know if there are any other questions about our plugin that I can help with.


Thanks @Serg ! I have removed all the script and tested the page.
I still see the same issue. Please check the below.


I also tested your page with iOS. It seems the compass is upside down.

btw, you have placed two Compass in the page. Is the second one needed?

Hi @rio, thanks for your reply.

Let us check this moment once again. Once any news will become available, I will let you know asap.

Thank you for understanding.


Is this the reason I am facing the issue? Identical behavior in here.


We have made a new plugin version (1.6.0) please check it on your side and tell us if the issue is fixed now.

Hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face: