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Plugin does not download group with images

plugin just low and, white convert to png and nothing below I put the image and logo but only comes in white

Hi @danielreso8,

Thanks for reaching out. Could you please name the plugin and describe your request with more details, like:

  • screenshots and/or screencasts of your elements and workflow settings
  • screenshots and/or screencasts of the issue when it is triggered
  • exact steps to reproduce
  • what you are trying to accomplish using this plugin
  • console log of your browser, in case of errors
  • what browser and OS you are using, in case of errors

So we better investigate and get back to you with a reply asap.

Thank you for understanding.


Good morning, Do you have any plugins that you owe me to download this post.

Hi @danielreso8, sorry, but I don’t understand your request. Could you please describe with more details, including ones mentioned above, so I could provide a better feedback that perhaps will help you.

I want to download an image with a watermark like a logo on the right or left like this logo comes from the database, because I used some plugin but it downloads blank, I wanted to see if you have a plugin for me to download.

Hi @danielreso8, thanks for your feedback. In order to be able to edit an image and actually save or download it with changes being made to it, like adding a watermark, it requires to actually process the image.

On this matter, we have a plugin that I could suggest you check here https://zeroqode.com/plugin/image-processing-using-imgix-1528885359695x507830172296151040 where you can test the Live Demo and preview its editor, to see the available plugin features and its settings. It allows to add a watermark like logo on top and many other editing functionalities.

Hope it helps. :pray:

but I want one for me to download the image with the logo understand and not edit.

Hi @danielreso8, yes, you are correct.

It doesn’t implement an action to download, but what it does is processing the image, so based on your use case, you can retrieve a watermark from your database and place it on top of an image, so later you can save the processed image into your database and download at your own, or perhaps use one of your plugins that allow downloading files, or use some of Bubble’s implemented functionalities to download, as a workaround. You can search for download alternatives here https://forum.bubble.io/t/how-do-i-download-files/9061 or post a different request. Also, you could check our Easy File Downloader plugin here https://zeroqode.com/plugin/easy-file-downloader-1530097438304x820649115444576300 that could serve well.

Thank you.