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Plugin MOBILE MENU in PWA iOS open another browser

Hi @levon

As I mentioned in the article https://forum.bubble.is/t/ios-add-to-home-screen-links/61427,

if we use OPEN an external link, all applications saved in the home screen or any applications with a ‘wrapper’, opens a second browser and leaves the main application. The solution is to open the page in internal Bubble mode. Possible to add in Mobile Menu plugin the possibility to choose to open an external link and/or add open a Bubble page?

Hello @johnmark

We test the Mobile Menu plugin demo inside a webview wrapped app for iOS and the result was that links will open inside the wrapper even if this is an external url.
For external links we used settings:

For internal page we used settings:


Hi @Dumitru

I have this behavior for a while. I’m going to investigate more thoroughly. Thanks.