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Plyr Not Pausing- Error

I’m getting this error when trying to pause a video. I had this with the video.js app, which is why I bought this plugin. I tested the plugin on another app and it worked just fine. Why might this be happening?

Hello, @alex4. Thanks for reaching out.

There can be several reasons for this error occurrence:

  • other plugins that are used in your app/page (unfortunately, there is no 100% guarantee that different plugins will be completely compatible);
  • the js error.

Unfortunately, I can not reproduce your error. That’s why I suppose the problem is in your app setup or the plugin incompatibility.

I can suggest you try:

  • add pauses before the next action on the page where you have the Plyr element (or add breakpoints);
  • make sure that your Plyr plugin version is the latest one;
  • create a new page and place there only the Plyr element and check if you will get the same error on the new page.

Apologies for the inconvenience :pray:

Hey Kate,

I removed what was causing it so it won’t reproduce on the app as I didn’t want the live version having errors.

It looks like it was all working with the exception of this one video for some reason: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DB8CNvQYLJs
It seems to be that the other links don’t work on the first “page” of the popup either. Weird… they seem identical in layout.

Any idea why?

app.rentbridge.ca, click on the upper left menu and “How it Works” to see what I mean.

I’ll add in the pause option to my development version, which you guys have access to.
Hmm… that worked. Weird. The one video seems to have been causing issues. So odd.

Sooo… I added an “intro” page so that it didn’t open to that video. It seems whichever video is visible at first doesn’t load. Now it works because of that. But worth looking into?


Unfortunately, I have no idea. There can be lots of affecting points, that are needed to test and reproduce (environment, other plugin affecting, enabled “blocking” browser extensions, temporary issues, etc).

I’ve tested your “How it Works” popup - I can see no issues now with playing videos (all of them are working fine in different “play” conditions). I suppose your issue is resolved now?

I’m afraid I don’t get your question. :slightly_smiling_face:
The video seems to me work normally on your welcome page now. Kindly advise if you have any more significant issues that are needed to be resolved?