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Podio Plug In Setup

Does anyone know if we are supposed to create the tables and fields manually for the plug in or not. The instructions are not very clear:

Here they are - https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/podio-api-connector-plugin

Step 5 - copy the data to where??
Step 6 - copy the data to where??

Section 2 - I do not have any tables created by the plug in installation? Was I supposed to create them manually - there are no steps suggesting this and only a single screen shot??

Sections 2 seems to talk about the tables needed in Section 1 but there are no tables so maybe that answers my question about where to copy the data?

So either the plug in has installed incorrectly and we need some information and what to next (given this is a paid plug in).

Or the instructions are missing a few steps telling us to make the tables/fields and the order of the instructions are also wrong as we can not paste data into fields that do not exist yet.

Please advise :slight_smile:

Hello, gogoizzy. You should copy the API data as suggested from the first screenshot

and insert them to the second screenshot

Best regards, Vitalie.

Thank you.

As mentioned, those tables/fields do not exist in my db and there was no instructions telling me to create them. I am worried the plug-in was supposed to create the table/fields and the fact that they are not there means the plug in did not install properly??

Hello again, please create the following structure in your database as indicated in the documentation. Sorry if i misinformed you.

Best regards, Vitalie.

OK so a new problem!! Step 5 tells me to copy the data to app_id but the screen shot for making the table has the field name as App ID? Which is it please?

This is the most terrible documentation I have ever seen!! Have you put this through UAT?

There are no instructions on how to create the tables other than one hazy screenshot!! Who does that! I am starting to get rather annoyed with something that should be quite simple!!

Why don’t try following you own instructions step by step and see if you can figure out?

To the rest of the community - has anyone figured this out and can give me a tip?


Hello again!
Thanks for checking back, I’m sorry to hear that documentation is not helping you out. We’ll work on improving documentation.

As for your issue.
The 5th step actually refers to Data Calls - “app_id” Get App (https://developers.podio.com/doc/applications/get-area-22349)
which should be used in workflow to communicate with Podio app.

The Database screenshot you see in documentation, is the way to create your fields accordingly.
Please see our demo setup for it:

Thanks for understanding and patience.