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Postmark Rich Text Plugin Stops if Emai is on Postmark Supression list

When my recursive workflow gets to an email recipient who is on the supression list in Postmark, the workflow stops. Can’t we just skip that email and continue the workflow???

Workflow error - Plugin action Postmark - Send email error: InactiveRecipientsError: You tried to send to recipient(s) that have been marked as inactive. Found inactive addresses: [ddddd] Inactive recipients are ones that have generated a hard bounce, a spam complaint, or a manual suppression. at ApiInputError.buildSpecificError (/var/task/node_modules/postmark/dist/client/errors/Errors.js:120:24) at ErrorHandler.buildErrorByHttpStatusCode (/var/task/node_modules/postmark/dist/client/errors/ErrorHandler.js:43:45) at ErrorHandler.buildError (/var/task/node_modules/postmark/dist/client/errors/ErrorHandler.js:26:25) at AxiosHttpClient.transformError (/var/task/node_modules/postmark/dist/client/HttpClient.js:93:38) at /var/task/node_modules/postmark/dist/client/HttpClient.js:77:41 at process.processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:95:5) at async eval (eval at build_function (/var/task/util/util_harness.js:37:12), :146:23)

Hello @fred.cutler,

Thank you for reaching out to us, and our apologies for the delayed response. :pray:

I’m sorry to hear about the difficulties you’re experiencing. To better understand your situation and the error message you’re encountering, could you please provide more details about your use case?

Specifically, could you share screenshots or screencast of how you’ve set up the workflow, specifically the plugin action “send email” and how the error appears? Additionally, please let us know if the other emails in your list are receiving the message you’re sending, or if it will send until a surpressed email is in the list

These details will greatly help us understand and address your concerns more effectively.

Thank you once again, and we look forward to your reply.

Best regards,