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[pre purchase] Calendar

I’m developing an application, and one of the features I’d like to offer is the ability for visitors to schedule meetings with app users straight from the app (without having to log in).

Meaning that, every user will have their own calendar, and visitors would be able to schedule a meeting on each user calendar.

This calendar, should also be connected to each user’s google calendar.

Does the google calendar (offline…) does that? From what I’ve seen I should bake in my API codes on bubble’s backend. meaning that its likely that it wouldnt give me the results I’m looking for.

Any clue?

Hi @semorganti, thanks for your inquiry.

For the conditions described above (visitors to schedule meetings with app users), I would recommend checking the capacities offered by our another plugin, Google Calendar (Service Acc.)

Please see the links below for an example of what it can do:

Kindly note that a setup of such functionality also requires a corresponding level of Bubble skills.

Hope it helps.


I was looking at it. Just realized might be a good option. Appreciate it


Dear @semorganti, you’re welcome!

Thank you and have a nice day!