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Preloader IDs for the ID Attribute

In the documentation of the Preloader plugin it is not very clear what kind of ID names we could use for the ID Attribute field of the elements we want to the prealoder for.
There are examples, but are there any rules in the naming of IDs? should it contain the word “preloader” somewhere? is there a list of pre-defined names?
I’m planning to use this plugin but I’d like first to fully understand how it works.


Hello @neverway,

Thank you for reaching out!

The rule is, ID attribute must contain one of the following IDs: image-preloader, rounded-image-preloader, heading-preloader, text-preloader, button-preloader. You can create a custom ID by adding text to the beginning or the ending of those IDs. For example: text-preloaderA, text-preloader123, AAtext-preloader. The text has to be merged with the IDs, spaces between are not allowed so an option like “A text-preloader” will not work.

Please let me know if you will have any other questions!

Best Regards,

Thanks Alex, that is the answer I was looking for.
The plugin seems to match what I’m looking for.


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HI @neverway
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Thanks! :pray:

sure, no problem at all, the plugin works great

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