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Preloader Workflow not working


the preloader ist not working when i start the workflow. Not just in my app also in the demo page.

When you click the buttons normaly it should load again or?

I was trying in crome and safari on Mac (newest Update).



Hello @buero.

I updated the demo page with latest changes. Check it now : https://zeroqode-demo-14.bubbleapps.io/preloader .
As far the start and stop preloader actions, they both represent if you need or not the preloader effect on the page when something changes, like the width of the page.
Also check the documentation for the plugin - https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/content-preloader-plugin

ZQ Team.

Hey thanks, i thought that you can start the loading when you start the action.

Is it possible that you guys change the “seconds” to milliseconds or a option for like half second?
I think MIlliseconds would be best for all. :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me know.

William Rau


Hi William, why would you need milliseconds? What would that affect?

I use it in a repeating group for a quiz app and the content needs just 0.2-0.5 seconds to load the pictures and content.

When the Page is loading and i am not using your plugin, i just see shadows inside the app and when i use it for 1 second then it looks to long - speed is everything haha

i am just asking, when it is not such a big change

we’ll take a note but since it’s not very critical it won’t be very quick. I think 1 second is not that much :slight_smile: If you check many apps including Facebook sometimes show you a placeholder for longer than 1 second :slight_smile: