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Presale: Firebase Benefits

Hi @zeroqode team,

I’m in the process of building out an app and am considering using your Firebase plugins to provide a layer of abstraction from Bubble. I’ve heard a lot of concerns about performance and scalability and, while I want to get up and running quickly, I’d also like to make the app as performant as possible while on Bubble and ensure that I have the means to pivot later should I wish to take my data with me, built out a native app, etc.

All that said, I’m not certain this is the right path and was hoping your team might be able to give me a succinct explanation of the benefits of using Firebase with Bubble. Appreciate it!



Hi, @ts1!

Thanks for reaching out!

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Combining with Firebase as a backend is not something we’ve experienced very often, so it will be hard to provide a clear picture since it requires a lot of planning investing time and doing ROI analysis.
Depending on the design choice, the plugin Firebase Database offers the possibility to use Google’s Firebase database to keep the data outside of the bubble.
Other factors considering, are the bubble plan which your application will be on, how many users requests, Firebase plan, etc which will dictate the overall scalability and performance of the app

Hope this helps!
Best, Julia.