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Price Per Month HOME BNB


The HOMEBNB template has a “What is the price per month” on Step 2 of 5 however, when we’ve used the LIVE VERSION to book a property, the price is actually calculating per night. How do we correct this?

Hi @chris3, thanks for reaching out.
We’ve checked the template on our side and by default, the template has the “What is the price per night” option available on Step 2.

Please see the screenshots:

  1. On the Live Demo page

  2. On Editor page

  3. On the rented property page

In case any other issue may appear, please let us know, we would be glad to help you.


Can it be changed to per month?

Hi @chris3,
Sure thing it can be changed. Anything in the template made on the Bubble platform can be customized if the user has enough Bubble skills.

To do that, you will need to make the corresponding changes within the workflow/element settings responsible for price calculation.
Besides, it will be needed to change the booking logic, by letting the user book the apartment in minimal terms of one month, etc.
Thus, for making this possible we recommend obtaining solid Bubble skills first.

Take care.