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Print Pro Error when element is image

I am trying to print photos using Print Pro by Print selected element, and feeding it an image file or image url. I am getting an error.


Hello, @peterkingsley2. Thanks for reaching out.

It is quite difficult to indicate the root cause of the error you have. Can you please share the screenshots of your setup, how to reproduce the issue, and describe in detail your use case?

Also, you can check the plugin demo page’s editor and use it as a workable example:


I am loading a photo gallery as a repeating group.
I want to print any image by clicking a “print” button in the RG. Parsing the image data is fine now and I am doing so through the HTML template option since I can’t get the element based version to do anything except errors. Now it does not load the image fast enough so the photo does not appear in the print preview. After pressing the button a second time the image has loaded and will print. How do I ensure the print is not generated until the image is loaded into the print?


You can set custom states or “Add pause before the next action” that will add a delay to the plugin’s printing action. Also, you can check the “Set Print Delay”:

If you still need help with the error you have shown at first - please provide your setup details to let me investigate the root cause of it.


As you can see it is triggering the print dialog before the image has load and it is printing with partial image.

Apologies for the delayed reply.

Can you please grant access to our support account ([email protected]) to your app? I can not reproduce the case you have, so, if you don’t mind, I’d like to take a look at your app’s page where the plugin is used to be able to provide any suggestions on how to fix the issue you have.