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Print Pro Error when printing element

Hi guys, i’ve just purchased the Print Pro plugin and keep getting this error “The plugin Print Pro / action Print Elements a Print Toolkit threw the following error: $(…).printThis is not a function” when I try to print an element on screen.


This functionality is why i purchased the plugin so any help is welcome



Hey Ross, we’ll check it out and I’ll update here, sorry for the trouble

meanwhile, can you share some screenshots of plugin settings and any relevant workflows?

Thanks @levon - here’s A screen shot (I can only upload one):

Link to the editor: https://bubble.is/page?type=page&name=print_test&id=farebooking&tab=tabs-1

Hey Ross,
we have just pushed a fix, please upgrade the plugin version, refresh the browser and give another try

@levon that is awesome, works perfectly! Thankyou

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Great, Ross, glad it has been resolved