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Print Pro Multiple Elements

Build another page to print and it’s not displaying correctly again. Can you check?

Here is the link of the page:

You still have access to my app. Make sure you browse through the pages to make sure it does not appear overlaying the information.


Found what you select to print correctly, Print Element by ID, not use the Prints Elements Toolkits.
But now the barcode is not in the print preview. See image:

These are the properties for the barcode code:

Let me know what can be done to fix this.


@wpabon Hello.

Tried to reproduce the issue in question, seems fine on our end.

Could you please tell, which browser and OS you’re experiencing the issue? So we could help you better.


Microsoft Edge with Windows 10

On Chrome got the same result, preview without the barcode on the bottom.

Would recommend, you delete the existing HTML element and place a new one inside the RG.
Since even on Edge W10 on our end , there is no issue.

Also if you could provide full access to app in development environment of you page setup, so the devs could test it out.

You still have access to the test environment.

Does your app require displaying the html code as an iframe ? I see you’ve checked the box for this element in your case, which I believe I missed.
Can you uncheck the box propriety “Display as an iframe”, and try the print functionality of plugin?

if I don’t check that, the barcode will not display. that is one of the requirements to display the barcode on the page.

I see.
We’ll need to check this out, and see what could be done here. It’ll take some time however, will update on the matter asap.
Thanks for understanding.

Hello @wpabon

Thanks for patience, I believe the method you’re trying to display the content of barcode inside an iframe via the script is not gonna work with the plugin mostly because of how bubble framework works with iframes.
With little page resizing, bubble clear iframes.

The plugin while makes the print action resizes the page / elements for printing which can not be controlled, which is why the result output does not print the iframes.

A recommendation would be to generate barcodes via a different method.
Thanks for understanding.


Hello, can anyone advise on how to prevent RG from getting cut off during print? as seen in attached file.

Possible to have each RG row to fit nicely in a page and if need to, the next page. Thank you!

Hey @ben, Unfortunately, we are not able to do this, cause our plugin only calls and pass data to default Browser printing functionality, so we can’t change it, we are not Google :frowning: .

I hope you can avoid the same issue with default Bubble functionality.
Thank you.