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Print Pro Multiple Elements


Can you verify the the option to Print Multiple Elements with the Print Elements PrintToolkit action is working? I can print one element just fine, but not two separate elements. I am following the instructions to place a # in front of my ID Attribute and a comma at the end of each id. Thanks!


Thanks for reaching out! Could you please provide more details: screen shots of your settings, your page on print.
In general, printing multiple elements function works, we’ve just tested it, but may be there is something on your side.
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Does this video help or do you want actual screen shots?


Thank you! The video is all we need. We’ll test it again with various settings and come back with the solution asap.
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@olga.medvedeva Do you have an update on my issue?


Sorry for taking so long! We’re working on it and I’ll update you once we have a solution.
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We’ve made an update to the plugin, please upgrade to the latest version and check again.
Also if you like our plugin and find it useful, could you go to Plugins tab in your Bubble editor, find the plugin by name and give it as many starts as it deserves.
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I’ve not had the time to work on this print feature of my app over the past couple of weeks, so I haven’t been able to try your update. I actually didn’t realize that it had been two weeks already since you replied so I apologize for my delay.

I have previously reviewed the ZQ Rich Text Editor with five stars on 3/6/19 and I will definitely review the Print Pro plugin as soon as I get back to this feature.

Thank you.


I’m having same issue but with one repeating group.
Here is the Image

How do we fix this?


Hello @wpabon

Could you please provide more details , like your setup/workflow, actions and events, plugin proprieties etc.
Also if you’re using styles on page, check the respective proprieties in plugin action, also try removing the styles and test it out.
Thanks for understanding.



Continuing the discussion from Print Pro Multiple Elements:

Here is the workflow for print

The style on the page are the default, no custom css is used.

When using printing the whole page everything is fine less the page brake which cut my records. Need a workaround on that.


Hello @wpabon

Please try placing both printoolkit element and the repeating group inside a group, refresh the app and give another try.
Alternatively please add [email protected] as collaborator to your app, tell us what’s the name and pinpoint to page location where the issue is, so the devs could look closely.

Thanks for understanding.



Did the same thing.
Page Location: https://itransweb.bubbleapps.io/version-test/homedeliverypod?debug_mode=true&UN=wpabon&CID=1001&SID=285486940
When you hit the print button, the print preview shows garbage.


we need editing rights to test our fix, please provide and confirm


Privilege change to edit Done!


Hello @wpabon

Thanks for collaboration, we improved the plugin and changed the workflow accordingly. Please do check the setup in your app, now it should work.
Thanks for patience and understanding.



Now it started to look good, but if you scroll the pages, the data start to scramble again, to a point that it disappear. Can you check on that?



hello @accounting @wpabon

We’ve made essential changes and improvements to plugin, please upgrade to latest version of it, place element on page, set the plugin and give it a try.

The latest update changes:

  • Fixes - PDF Viewer, was fixed pdf rendering.
  • Print Pro Viewer, was fixed cloning of plugin element.
  • Improvement - was added action to print elements by ID without additional configurations.



On the previous example on page 6 the rows from the RG are mixed up. Is there a way to control the page break on the RG. For example: I want a new page every two rows.

Let me know if this is posible.

Thanks for the reply.


Hello @wpabon

Sorry for late response, however it is not possible to check the page break.
Sorry for not being helpful here.