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Print Pro Plugin - Format to Specific Size


I’m looking to format a print a specific size (2" wide x 1" tall). With each text adjusting to fit the field size.

I basically have a button that says “print label” and want it to generate a specific size label to print.


I have no problem loading the info into a label using Print Pro, just need help formatting it.

Can this be done via HTML?


Hi @jeff
It should work the default way like any other bubble element. Firstly I will need to understand what method you used to print. Basically you can use the HTML to format your labels, or you can also use bubble native formatting when printing an element by it’s ID.


Ok, I’ve made a group that populates with the needed info when a button is clicked in a repeating group. Now when I enter the ID of the group in the “Print Elements” Id field, it gives me the error of “The plugin Print Pro threw the following error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #Print Label (2x1)”.

Please help!


As the first thought is the name of your element ID. You should avoid whitespaces, dots or commas or any other special character. So please try to rename the ID to “PrintLabel2x1”
If this is not the solution, please add me as collaborator ([email protected]), or share with me access to your app, so we can investigate it deeper.


I should have thought about that from the beginning! I usually never leave spaces.

So that has me to the point where I can print the element (which is a group), but nothing within that group is printing.


so it still doesn’t work?


Correct, it only prints a blank page. Below is an image of my layout. The “Print Label” button feeds current cell info to the group (red box) and I’m trying to print the group (red box).


Please advice if the red rectangle is the background settled for the group you are trying to print. If so, than the text content is outside the group, and that’s the reason why it prints empty. If the red colour doesn’t represent borders of your group, there is also another think, that should be considered. Sometimes bubble becomes slow, when it comes to repeating groups. Adding additional action “add pause before next step” (about 500 ms), right before the “print” action, should resolve the issue as well.

If any of above won’t resolve your issue, please add me as collaborator, so we can have closer look.


Hi Karel,

The red box is the group, the text is simply longer than the rectangle once populated by the “Print Label” button. I’ve tried delaying by 1500ms and still no luck.

I am on a personal account, so I will need to add you as a user. What is the email to add? - send me in a message please - jeff at sccskis dot com