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Print Pro plugin : How do I remove the white space on the top of the first page?

I’m trying to print multiple box labels from repeating group.

When I’m running an “Element Actions > Print Element a Print Toolkit”

to print multiple elements, the white space will be appear at the of the first page, it cause the other pages to disarranged. How can I get rid of it?
This white space will be disappear if I print an element one by one by using “Plugins > Print Element by id”

I have tried to copy and pasted several HTML code that I don’t even understand into the custom HTML header section in the Print Toolkit action, none of them are working.

This is the result of using “Plugins > Print Element by id”, no visible white space

This is the result of using “Element Actions > Print Element a Print Toolkit”, a visible white space and it causing the following elements to fall out of their page.

Video demo.

Hello @newlee,

Thank you for reaching out and reporting the issue. We will check the plugin and will do our best to have the issue fixed. I will let you know when we will have a solution.

Meantime as a temporary solution, you can try to add all the elements to one group, assign an ID to the group and print it using “Print Element by id”.

Best Regards,

Hello @newlee,

Our team developed an update of the plugin which fixes the issue with white space on the top. Please update the plugin to the latest version to have the update available.

Best Regards,

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