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Printful's mockup api not working on bubble

I am trying to use bubble api connector to use printful’s api to generate product mockups.

Here is the printful api doc.

The process flow for this is

  1. Upload an images to generate a “task_key” via POST
  2. Retrieve GET response using the generated task_key parameter from step 1

On my bubble app, I get the step 1 successfully done but I dont understand why step 2 isnt giving me any response. I have tried every method and all failed.

Can someone please help me out ?

Step 1 Upload and image

Step 2
I get the task_key from step 1’s result stored on custom state

Here clearly shows task key is generated.

Step 3 I try to get response from this parameter through API action (I tried the data also)

But unfortunately, I get an empty response.

What am I doing wrong here?

Anybody who wants to try it out, here is the auth process

You have to create an account on printful and then go to settings and generate a api key and then convert that to base64 encode format and set it up this way

and this is how to do step 1

Please help me out.